<h3>WHAT WE DO:</h3>
			<p>At PHA, our mission is to create housing and community development opportunities for very low to moderate income families and individuals, teach financial literacy and management, homebuying and home ownership skills, and advocate for affordable housing policies and programs.  PHA fulfills its mission through educating, counseling, financing, and building.</p> <h3>WHAT WE DO:</h3>
			<p><a href='http://www.piedmonthousing.org/index.php/services'>PHA counsels</a> first time homebuyers, homeowners in financial distress, and renters; and conducts a broad range of <a href='http://www.piedmonthousing.org/index.php/services/education_and_outreach'>educational programs</a> related to financial literacy, predatory lending, <a href='http://www.piedmonthousing.org/index.php/services/fair_housing_advocacy'>fair housing</a>, and other issues important to the financial health of area households.</p> <h3>WHAT WE DO:</h3>
			<p><a href='http://www.piedmonthousing.org/index.php/solutions/downpayment_assistance_program'>PHA lends</a> money to help homebuyers and homeowners in need and assist local enterprises engaged in affordable and community-oriented developments. PHA engages in socially driven <a href='http://www.piedmonthousing.org/index.php/solutions'>community development</a>, renovating and building new affordable multifamily housing for low-income families and undertaking neighborhood revitalization projects to improve the quality of life for local communities.</p>